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As each client requires a unique treatment specifically tailored to suit their needs, we suggest emailing us or by using Whatsapp for an initial online consultation and confirmation. Will then be in a position to accurately determine an appropriate treatment, length of stay and associated costs.

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Verve Villa

Jln. Raya Mangsit, SENGGIGI, Lombok Island, Indonesia, 83355.




+62 813 398 879 88


Daniela Peisger

+62 813 3988 7988



Important information

Arrival You can arrive daily at the devaya authentic Ayurveda center and start your Ayurvedic treatment. You check in with us or at the hotel of your choice and then come to the devaya authentic Ayurveda Center. You will receive further important information with a glass of Ayurvedic tea as well as the Ayurveda questionnaire, which we ask you to fill out. Further information on the course of therapy you will receive after the first consultation.

Ayurveda  Ayurvedic cures are always an offer to transform the inner as well as the outer man. The results of an Ayurveda cure are therefore always quite individual. We have the experience that almost all Ayurveda guests at the end of their treatment report that they are full of joy, motivation, vitality, energy, harmony ..... But it can also - this is usually so - come to a kind of reaction or crisis during the cure. This usually arises from previous illnesses or emotional wounds. However, these reactions are only for a short time and indicate that the self-healing processes are set in motion and the unity of body-mind-spirit/soul begins to regenerate.

Bathrobes During your Ayurveda stay you will receive sarongs, slippers and a headgear for the therapy applications. Likewise towels, special shampoo, shower bath as well as hair dryer and different creams are at the free disposal.

Books We have a selection of books and magazines that we provide you with at any time.

Cancellation A complete cancellation of the booking must be in writing. In this case, we charge a partial cost allowance on the total cost of the stay: In case of withdrawal or early departure: four weeks before arrival 10%, until two weeks before arrival 40%, thirteen to five days before arrival 75%, four or less days before Arrival 100%. Of course, we also accept a substitute person, if the cure can not be claimed.

Children We also take care of your children. We have set up a care service on request, which is performed undisturbed for you as a guest.

Clothes The best way to stay in Ayurveda in tropical Lombok is to wear comfortable cotton or linen clothing - the one that makes you feel good.

Departure As a guest with accommodation you have of course airport transfer. Likewise, from the eve of your last treatment day, we have completed the copy of your invoice for you. Please check the services booked and used by you as well as the products from our shop sale such as spices or teas, etc.

Dietary supplements In the first ayurvedic consultation, complementary herbs in the form of tonics, decoctions and teas are also individually determined as needed. We will serve you these products with meals or get them packed with you.

Emergency Please contact Ms. Peisger immediately. Mobile number is always communicated.

Extension If you would like to extend your stay, please contact us - also because of the pricing.

Gifts and vouchers At the reception, you have the opportunity to purchase gifts from the World of Ayurveda. Vouchers are available on your special request.

Information You will receive expert information from our trained team. For medical questions, please contact Ms. Peisger directly, so that we can then inform a local doctor.

Lounge Since we work very individually in the Ayurveda Center and never spoil more than 3 patients at the same time or day, you will always have the opportunity to use the SPA area, the lounge and the magnificent view on your own to find the right place to relax.

Meals Breakfast: daily after the yoga - Ayurvedic lunch: individually after your treatments from about 12.30 pm. Ayurvedic dinner: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Medical care As we work with various Lombok doctors, medical care is generally guaranteed.

Mobile phones, we ask you to turn off during treatment.

Payment You can pay by cash, paypal or bank transfer to our German or Indonesian account. When booking your treatment, a discount of 30% is due, which you make in advance by bank transfer. The rest depending on individual agreement.

Peace and quiet At devaya authentic Ayurveda all applications are carried out in real peace. This will ensure that you can focus on yourself and better understand your own self and / or body. Also, the self-healing powers can work better in this state. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that we are only holding talks in a low voice.

Questions If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reception Our reception is open all year - Monday to Sunday - for you.

Restaurant The Ayurveda food is always individually prepared for each guest and also served. They take the Ayurveda food in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

Shopping Our Ayurveda center is located about 5 minutes’ drive away from Senggigi, the tourist center. We can order a driver and / or taxi for you at any time to make your purchases.

Smoking The whole devaya authentic Ayurveda center is completely smoke-free zone.

Therapy Ayurveda therapists / specialists always strive to bring the doshas back into their true balance. A very sustainable way to achieve significant results in a short time is an Ayurveda cure or the PanchaKarma. At devaya authentic Ayurveda, there are no ready-made cures or well-being offers. In the daily consultations, it is always decided based on the pulse diagnosis and your own condition, which treatments are the right ones for you and so we put together for you your individual treatment plan, the oils and the nutrition. We guarantee that each guest receives the optimal program for him or her and that everything is tailored to his/her personal constitution.

Travel Services We are happy to take care of your bookings in other hotels, to make any changes or if you want to make an excursion afterwards.

Water It is very important that you drink plenty of hot water during your stay at the devaya authentic Ayurveda Center and especially after the treatments to support the Ayurvedic detoxification. You will always find in your room a thermos with hot water. During your stay you can also enjoy a variety of ayurvedic drinks in the bar area.

Yoga and Meditation Accompanying your Ayurveda treatment, individual yoga classes are conducted in the morning. Please bring comfortable clothes. Yoga always ends with a guided meditation.