Ayurvedic-vegan Food

...are delicious plant-based meals. With those meals you can increase your health, happiness and power!

With this healthier lifestyle you not only will harmonizing your weight - you also will feel and look fabulous! 

Vegan diets have a multitude of benefits, which include a reduced risk of cancer or diabetes. But it’s important to realise that vegan diets aren’t all the same.

The ayurvedic-vegan way of cooking and eating is a bit quiet different. Remember, your chance of living longer and healthier is increased by making sure you eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and other nutritious foods each day, including B12 fortified products. 

Well-planned plant-based diets are rich in:

  • protein,
  • iron,
  • calcium
  • and other essential vitamins and minerals.

The plant-based sources of these nutrients tend to be low in saturated fat, high in fibre and packed with antioxidants, helping mitigate some of the modern world's biggest health issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

But the most important principle in this ayurvedic-vegan Diet is that your food is fresh (without pesticides, additives and other chemicals), seasonal, and as often as possible local. When you want to know how to eat in this healthy way - this is a first great start.

Make more with fresh products, avoid anything from animals and start playing with some ayurvedic spices, such as turmeric, ginger, cumin, coriander or different curries. No matter what you make, you can almost always add these spices to your dish. Not only are those excellent flavor and digestion enhancers, but they also have many medicinal properties, which is very useful.

Ayurveda recommended that all the six tastes should be in your main mail - best way at lunch.  The six tastes are:

Sweet – Coconut-Sugar or Honey etc.
Sour – lemons etc.
Salty – salt, please use a very good salt, those like the Himalaya Salt                                                                                               Pungent – chili peppers, cayenne, ginger, any hot spices
Bitter – leafy greens, turmeric, lettuce, etc.
Astringent – pomegranate, beans, lentils, etc.

These six tastes are listed in the order they are digested in your body.

How to Eat Outside

The first (and often the most important) answer to how to eat outside . . . It is always asking for room temperature or warm water instead of ice cold water. There is nothing that kills the digestive fire (agni) faster than an ice cold water on an empty stomach.

Keep the taste and the quality of the food always in mind. As well also the organic factor. To know what is good for our body is mostly important. Also which food to eat at which time. Just by knowing what balancing not only for your Ayurveda Body Type, also which meal is the best at which time - it will help you to make the right decisions.

  • For example, for Vata, warm soup is a better choice than a cold salad at the evening (Vata gets balanced with warm quality and will increase with cold). When eating out for dinner, so look that its between 6 and latest 8pm. Take a nice warm vegetable soup and you will feel real good! Stop eating 3 hours before you go to the bed. That will help you a lot for a great relaxing sleep!
  • On the other hand, if you have a predominant Pitta dosha, you will do much better with raw food and often salad bars - this are great options for you. Don´t eat so much deep fried, garlicky and tomato dishes at evening (anything hot/spicy increase Pitta).
  • If Kapha is your dominant dosha, you will do best with light choices, lightly steamed/cooked veggies. That will be the best meal for you! Stay away from dishes that are heavy or oily and which are fried.

10 best foods to eat as a start into a ayurvedic-vegan diet:

  1. Fresh ginger (best pungent spice; its not exactly a 'food', but it's really one of the tops for Vata; can be added to food or made into fresh ginger tea)
  2. Almond-milk (preferably with a pinch of powdered ginger and cardamom)
  3. Warm vegetable-soups made out with fresh herbs and Curries and coconut-milk
  4. Any type of seeds like Sunflower or Pumpkin or flax-seeds
  5. Steamed broccoli - or any other green vegetable like steamed brussel sprouts, Spinach or Stripe-gourd
  6. Green fresh Salads with a lot of other leafy greens, Cucumber and/or Avocado, dandelion, kale and beet greens
  7. Fresh (sweet) fruits as Mango, Papaya or Grapes, always add a bit Cinnamon to your fruits
  8. For the breakfast are oats good just with hot water and some seeds and Avocado, Banana and a bit Coconut-sugar
  9. Dates and Cashews are good to have with the afternoon tea together, please soak the cashews first around 1 hour in fresh water so that you can get the benefit of them
  10. Lentils cooked with coriander leafs

And: Drink minimum 1,5 Liter hot water. Best way is with fresh ginger, honey and lemon! 


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