Summer - Detox 7 Day SPECIAL

Try our summer detox -

You want to:

1. Achieve an optimal weight (during the detox).
2. Optimally adapt your eating habits.
3. Refuel energy & clarity, strength & laughter.
4. to cleanse: internally and externally.
5. Learn how easy it is to be fully fit and happy again.
6. Know how easy it is to quickly and easily shine with joy again.

Then you are exactly right with us!

Come to Lombok to devaya for summer detox!

What you want to get:

  • more than 25 detox treatments.
  • Substancial first consultation to determine your detox type and to put together the individual treatments and detox and food.
  • Detox herbal baths and detox base baths.
  • Medical accompaniment.
  • Spiritual accompaniment.
  • Meditation / Yoga.
  • daily detox breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as deliciously-detoxifying Detox drinks.
  • Stay at our Villa (either right on our beach or on the Lombok Hills with a great view).
  • Airport transfer on arrival and at the end of the detox cure.

Is such a detox Program the right one for you?

Are you:

... blown from the food and feel lazy & partially powerless?
... often sick and have smaller or larger "Illnesses "?
... stressed, have cold hands and / or feet?
... at a low energy level and / or usually have a tense feeling?
... on the verge of making detox, but juice fasting or raw food seems not really feasible at this moment?

Insel gegenüber.JPG

Then you should take the time to get your body back in shape!

We've put together some really good detox treatments and delicious food for you in this cure.


  • We want you to enjoy getting yourself and your body back on track.
  • We want the food to be fun again and healthy eating becomes a pleasure.
  • We want you to feel satisfied and nourished while you cleanse yourself here.
  • We want you to have a 'top-of-the-line-immune-system' and to have recharged as much health and vitality as possible during the coming monthes.
  • Changes in life are always associated with excitement and reorientation. We want you to not feel alone with it and to stand absolutely by your side - even beyond the Program.
  • We want you to feel spiritually safe as well, so we've put a lot of meditation & spirituality into the Detox-plan. Of course, everything is individually!
  • We want you to feel excited and inspired.
  • We want you to love yourself again, to feel invigorated and revived.
  • We want to cleanse the body internally and externally with only 7 days and that is absolutely achievable here on Lombok under the best conditions and conditions!

Anything else you should know?


  • There is no prior knowledge required for the detox.
  • There is no need to assemble everything yourself: it is always purified on many levels: mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • We bring great SUPERFOOD of nature on every plate to show you the whole world of delicious detox food.
  • We give you tips, before, during and after your treatment, and also accompany you afterwards, so that you always feel in good hands and guided.
  • BONUS - Summary as brochure for further support with valuable tips and great recipes!

This devaya cleansing will absolutely help you not only to inspire you for a longer lasting healthy lifestyle, but it is also easy to easily integrate this back home into your life.
Our goal is to show you in different ways what is possible in a week's cleaning. So that you can not only taste, feel and enjoy your healing, but continue to be 100% supported in staying in this power. It will invigorate, energize and bring a HUGE smile to your face!

Are you ready?

Then I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon - here in Lombok!
7 days / 7 nights all inclusive $1.995 - possible in the period from 23. June to 08. September 2018, further dates on individual request only possible!