Devaya Ayurvedic Programs

We offer Single Day Treatments and Multiple Programs of all shapes and sizes. Each treatment and program comes specifically tailored for every individual ensuring the maximum benefits are delivered with the highest of quality, care and experience.


Single Day Treatment | 3 hours 

The perfect drop-in treatment, tailored just for you.

  • Pulse Diagnostic and Dosha Reading
  • Specifically customized Ayurveda treatments to suit the requirements of each individual
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Individually prepared Ayurvedic meal
  • Healthy Hints and Home Treatment Program

Three Day Treatment | Dive into a new world!

Immerse yourself in specifically customised Ayurvedic treatments to clear the mind and change your view of life.

Commence with a Pulse Diagnostic and Dosha Reading followed by up to four individually tailored authentic Ayurvedic treatments each day. This program also includes Ayurvedic catering specifically designed to suit the requirements of each individual and your personal Ayurvedic-Passport.

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Seven Day Treatment

Become inspired and accept this invitation to renew Yourself

Stressed? Take this time for you, and only you, to absorb the all encompassing therapeutic treatments and philosophies of Ayurveda. This seven day program will rescue you both physically and mentally, restoring your life balance to its optimal level. It is always including the Ayurvedic Diagnostic via Puls and Dosha-Reading. You will get up to 35 authentic ayurvedic treatments - always individually selected after your daily consultation with the ayurvedic Specialist. The full-board ayurvedic-vegan Meals as well the mind- and the food-coaching will bring you back to the joy of LIFE! A MUST IF YOU ARE IN LOMBOK!

Panchakarma (pan-cha-kar-ma)

The ultimate AUTHENTIC Ayurvedic treatment available in the world today specifically tailored to our guests specific requirements over 14 – 21 days.

This program is designed to de-stress and detox , assist with significant weight loss techniques if needed. We start with a comprehensive Ayurveda-Consultation at the first day. According to this we can selecting your treatments, Massages, Oil-purifications, Yoga, Meditations and your vegan-ayurvedic food. Followed by the typical and classical detox - treatment to clean your body and your mind. Daily you will get a ayurvedic Consultation to control individually your processing and select your whole day according to your efforts. All this while simultaneously purifying the body and soul.

If you like to know the detailed program and/ or your have more question about this authentic ayurvedic program -write to us a eMail:

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devaya Detox Program

Refresh your body and mind with this complete detoxification program. Return home with a rejuvenated body, a clear mind and a positive, refreshing outlook on life.

With flexible dates, participating in this program includes original detox treatments, specifically prepared exotic food and energy drinks, daily meditation and Yoga, special detox-programs and and detox herbal bath & very unique ancient ayurvedic detox herbal treatments. You will love it!

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Meditation & Yoga Program

If it’s time for some physical and mental “housekeeping”, this may be the program for you. Out with the past and in with the new is the theme here. Say “goodbye” to old behaviours, let go of the past and welcome the new possibilities, ideas and visions for the future.

Somethings all we need is guidance and a clear mind to see that these things have been available to us all along. Invest in yourself, come stay with us for just seven days and return home refreshed, thinking clearly and with a wonderful outlook on life.



Everyone's journey is unique!

If you're unsure of which treatments or programs are best suited to you or your loved one's, or even just have some questionthen write to us! We can give you the answers you are seeking, provide free consultations and even tailer programs.


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