...and I am waiting here for you!

Thank you very much - dear Mr. Young, that you trusted my words.


We are a team - even a little Team - to make on our way peoples happy, focused and inspired. Everybody needs this and so I was thinking to go to the next step! I am a really huge fan/compeer (mostly) for EARTH, WIND & FIRE. More than this. While seeing this music I can feel the spirit behind. At our place you can see those spirit too. We don´t offer it to everyone; only to those who need it, who really want it and who truly like to change into a new great level of their life. Remember:

"We let our lives,

mix with our dreams,

like two colored paints,

until we didn´t know,

which was what,

and we didn´t care."



Yes we do so, our entire Life and so we can do more even together. What you think!

I like to ask you to try me, try us to see the changing and even if you are happy and all aims reached - we are all still alive and the goals never will end! Let me inspire you, guide you - just for the moment and than you can decide the next step! 

Will you do so? Will you visit me in here? In Lombok? Next to Bali? At an Island where the piece of Paradise still is there? You can have the hustle and bustle time in here also, no problem, but you can have that little piece of paradise too...

I am looking forward! 

Yours sincerely - Daniela